Online Prayer List

  • Lois Allen Baker
  • Debbi Barrs
  • Jessie Bearden
  • Shelly Berryhill
  • Trevor Bland
  • Tony Burnham
  • Bill Cheek
  • Randy Coleman
  • John Daniell
  • Scarlett Driggers
  • Julie German
  • David & Sherri Giddens
  • Cindy Grimes
  • Pam Harden
  • Kim Hardin
  • Marvin Hauesler
  • Bob & Judy Herrington
  • Wendy Hill
  • Spencer Jones
  • Joan Kipp
  • Patricia Laidler
  • Kay McDaniel
  • Mary Newland
  • Randolph Page
  • Susan Price
  • Charlene & Tony Riddle (Dee’s Aunt & Uncle)
  • Tina Ryals
  • Dot Spires (Martha’s Sister)
  • Nell Stegall (Dot & Carolyn’s Mom)
  • Asher Stewart
  • Fronice Veal (John’s Mom)
  • Eline Webster
  • Angie West
  • Karen Woodard

The families of:
Jason Hollaway (Heath’s brother)
Wayne Snyder
Harlee Strickland (Butler Family)
Donna Morris (Attended early service)
Virginia Cox (Johnnie’s daughter-in-law)

All frontline workers putting their lives on the risk to work for us each day.

Additional Prayer Requests

  • Residents in long-term care facilities with visitation restrictions, as well as families, care givers and staff.
  • Those in prisons, as well as those staffing prisons.
  • Those working to keep us safe in the medical and other fields during this time that are not able to stay at home.
  • County leaders as they strive to make the best decisions for Dodge County.
  • Coronavirus victims and family.
  • Our nation during this time of unrest.
  • School administration, teachers and students .

Updated last: February 22, 2021, 1:56pm