Online Prayer List

  • Debbi Barrs
  • Jessie Bearden
  • Virginia Bennett
  • Shelly Berryhill
  • Trevor Bland
  • Tony Burnham
  • Jeff Cheek
  • Randy Coleman
  • Helen Daniels
  • Noah Diers
  • Scarlett Driggers
  • Julie German
  • Kerry Graham
  • Tommy Green
  • Cindy Grimes
  • Pam Harden
  • Kim Hardin
  • Marvin Hauesler
  • Bob Herrington
  • Wendy Hill
  • Sandra Holley
  • Spencer Jones
  • Patricia Laidler
  • Diane Lemley
  • Kay McDaniel
  • Randolph Page
  • Susan Price
  • Charlene & Tony Riddle
  • Tina Ryals
  • Nell Stegall
  • Asher Stewart
  • Eline Webster
  • Angie West
  • Karen Woodard

The families of Rebecca Willoughby and Olin Pound

Our Building Committee

All frontline workers putting their lives on the risk to work for us each day.

Additional Prayer Requests

  • Residents in long-term care facilities with visitation restrictions, as well as families, care givers and staff.
  • Those in prisons, as well as those staffing prisons.
  • Those working to keep us safe in the medical and other fields during this time that are not able to stay at home.
  • County leaders as they strive to make the best decisions for Dodge County.
  • Coronavirus victims and family.
  • Our nation during this time of unrest.
  • School administration, teachers and students .