Online Prayer List

Virginia Bennett
Tony Burnham
Pete Cobb
Randy Coleman
Creg Cranford
Fynn Dahlstrom
Deloris Dennis
Ruth Estes
Tracy Estes
Julie German
Kerry Graham
Green Bough
Tommy Greene
Pam Harden
Kim Hardin
Susan Harrell
Marvin Hauesler
Sandra Holley
Billy Joiner
Spencer Jones
Laurie Kirkley
Kirk Loyless
Meghan McCranie
Peggy McCranie
Frederick Miller
Randolph Page
Susan Price
Tina Ryals
Nell Stegall
Asher Stewart
Fronice Veal
Elaine Webster
Angie West
Marie West
Karen Woodard
Gerald Conley
Mindy Moore Fulford
Paul & Diane Johnson
Charlene & Tony Riddle

The family of Bonnie Lawson (Martha Wright)
The family of Josef King
The family of Glenn Horton (Ron Edge)
The family of Helen Daniels (Jeffrey Daniels)
The family of Wayne Burch (Bobby Burch)
The family of C. A. Morrison (Liz Burch)
The family of Julie Ann Hicks Turner (Jerry Hicks)
The family of Cindy Green Trawick
The family of Jessie Bearden

Additional Prayer Requests

  • For the Uplifters Prayer Team,
  • For those hospitalized in our community with COVID-19
  • Residents in long-term care facilities with visitation restrictions, as well as families, care givers and staff.
  • Those working to keep us safe in the medical and other fields during this time that are not able to stay at home.
  • County leaders as they strive to make the best decisions for Dodge County.
  • School administration, teachers and students .