Fellowship for Fall 2020

This will occur naturally in small groups/house churches that form, through the book study that will be offered (see below), and through a new online group.

Online Group
During Staycation Bible School, we formed a private group off the church Facebook page to communicate with parents of participants and to share photos. This worked so well as a means of creating fellowship that we will replicate it for our church!

The purpose of the group is to encourage fellowship. It will be a place to share prayer concerns, praises, news, photos, and the like. One of the things most missed about in person worship are the conversations before and after among friends, sharing concerns. While this cannot replace those in person moments, it provides a means for us to share, once again, and be the church by supporting each other.

The group will be private. This means that all members must be approved by our Social Media Coordinator, Lacey Eason, to be included. Any posts, photos, or information shared will remain within the group and not be shared on the public Facebook page.

Contact Lacey Eason for questions or more information. The group will go live on Sunday, September 20.

Small Groups via Zoom
Other groups, not considering themselves a Sunday School class and not desiring to be a house church, may meet via Zoom. Sometimes, meeting and sharing a cup of tea or a favorite drink together via Zoom to socialize and update on life, including praying together, is a great way to stay in touch. Groups that wish to form should contact the church office. The church will provide the Zoom account and technical support.