Fall 2020

The church continues to thrive during this pandemic season, despite all the challenges we face. During this time, we have proven ourselves innovative in response. This innovative spirit came through especially in Blessing of the Backpacks, Staycation Bible School, Front Porch Communion, various service projects, and an online worship service that has increased our average worship attendance.

Guidance from the state and the CDC indicate that any change that would allow us to return to in person worship as we once knew it remains a ways away. Thus, the task before us remains to continue to innovate. Rather than simply hold on, we have opportunity before us to, as the UMC is fond of saying, rethink church. The plan below offers such a rethinking.

The basic idea of the plan is to enable members, visitors, and folks new to our church to choose a level of involvement that fits their needs, the needs of their family, and a level that feels safe. It focuses in three areas, seeking to augment each: Worship, Fellowship, and Discipleship. Within these areas, you’ll note the continuation of some things we’re already doing, the standardizing of others, and some new opportunities. For everyone who calls our church theirs, we offer these opportunities as a sort of “choose your own adventure,” inviting you to make use of as many, or as few, of these opportunities as you determine are in your interests and are safe for you and your family.

This plan would remain in effect until the time that we reopen in person worship as we once had it. Even then, some elements of this plan may remain, depending on the needs and feelings of those involved. Certainly, we will continue to have an online presence moving forward to continue to include those who have discovered our church through our online presence.

What follows are the various choices for involvement. We look forward to seeing you at as many, or as few, of these opportunities as you determine!

All new items launch the week of Sunday, September 20.

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