Flood Buckets

Our District Superintendent, Rick Lanford, has issued a challenge as we approach charge conference: to do a mission project together as a Mission Area. Our Mission Area is composed of churches in the Warner Robins, Perry, Hawkinsville, Eastman, Cochran, and Abbeville areas. In my role as Clergy Coordinator, I facilitate that Mission Area, including creating this shared mission project.

Together as an area, I have issued the challenge to create 100 flood buckets. With hurricane season upon us and the flooding of the midwest just a few months ago, the need from UMCOR (the UMC’s disaster relief organization) for these buckets is high.

Our role, as Eastman First, is to provide the actual buckets for this challenge. Then, at Charge Conference on November 3, we will put those buckets together as each church brings items needed. Between now and November 3, please bring buckets to the social hall. We will let them collect where we can see them so we can celebrate and encourage each other to meet this goal.

Here’s UMCOR’s description of the proper bucket: One Brand New five-gallon round bucket with re-sealable lid (14.35” h x 12.19” w x 12.19” d). This should conform to the standard five gallon bucket you’d get at any hardware store.

Then, on November 3, you are invited to come to Charge Conference at Warner Robins First UMC to help build the buckets! I appreciate that Dr. Lanford has turned what was a perfunctory business meeting into an opportunity to do ministry together. I’m sure it will be a high energy time to celebrate together!

Questions? Contact the church office. Together, let’s make a difference fo those impacted by floods and hurricanes.