Ted Talks

On this page, you will find the most recent Ted Talk email from our pastor, Rev. Ted Goshorn. These are weekly emails that keep us all informed on the life of our church. This page will serve as a resource in case you have misplaced the email or just want to learn more about what is happening at Eastman First UMC.

To sign-up to receive these emails, please contact the church office at eastmanfumc@gmail.com.

This Week

Have you committed to a new spiritual discipline for 2022? 

Maybe read the Bible more? Check out the plans available on our website: https://eastmanfirst.com/grow-in-faith/discipleship/biblereading/

Maybe pray more? Check out the guides to prayer on our website:

Living out our faith
Are you praying daily? Visit eastmanfirst.com to see the three options for daily prayer listed there.
See Video Guided Tour of the prayer resources on Facebook

Upper Rooms are available in the narthex of the Sanctuary. Grab one as you enter worship.

Read your Bible daily 
A listing of scripture readings is provided on our website: https://eastmanfirst.com/grow-in-faith/discipleship/biblereading/

Volunteer with Meals on Wheels: Contact the church office to sign-up

Ways to Give
Your giving enables all the ministry you read here (and what you will read in weeks to come). Thank you for making a your tax-deductible donations to our church. Together, we sustain our mission to bring “life and life abundant, through Christ, to Eastman and Dodge County.” Bring your check by the church office if you missed the offering plate this Sunday or donate here: paypal.me/eastmanshelter and note “offering” in the comments box.

Prayer for the Week
Holy God, as disease goes across our community, we pray for healing, health, and wholeness for all who suffer. Keep us safe in your love, we pray: 

Ways to Pray
For the Uplifters Prayer Team,
For those on our prayer list (see link for list)
Prayer List 


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