COVID-19 Response

Below is a listing, in one concise spot, of all the ways we’re responding as a church to this pandemic. To stay up to date, check back frequently and like our Facebook page!

Grow In Faith (Acts of Piety)

Job Sermon 1

Job Sermon 2

April 5 sermon

April 12 sermon

April 19 sermon

April 26 sermon 

May 3 sermon 

May 10 sermon

May 17 sermon

May 24 sermon

Just for Kids

Love that Drives Out COVID-19 Fear

Serve Together (Acts of Service)

Another food program: See Facebook

Giving Away Food

Feed the Hospital Third Shift

April Favors Day

Collect and/or Make Masks for the hospital

Spreading the Good News

Be a Shareholder

Easter Egg Hunt


May 12, 2020 Update | Open when we can fully open

April 22, 2020 Update

Virtual Holy Week

Let’s Hang Out

April 13, 2020 Update

March 30, 2020 Update

March 25, 2020 Update

March 16, 2020 Update