Update on Reopening

A few weeks ago, I wrote to share with you the Operation Council’s decision to not reopen until we can be fully open. In light of Governor Kemp’s extension of the state of emergency, we are modifying that plan. That extension slightly adjusted social distancing guidelines but not in such a way that we could reopen worship fully (up to 25 people may congregate without social distancing protocols in place). That state of emergency extends through July 12, meaning the first Sunday we could reopen for worship as we did prior to the pandemic has become July 18.

But rather than wait until July 18 to begin anything, we are reopening some facets of the church and seeking your opinion about how to reopen worship. There is a survey located down this post. Please take that survey by Thursday, June 11 to let your voice be heard.

Below follows the plan for what facets will be reopened and any policies related to that.


  • Will reopen Monday, June 22, with limited hours from 8:30-12:30
  • Money Counters will resume normal operations
  • Uplifters Prayer Team will resume normal operations
  • Visitors are welcome for any purpose. Cathy will wear a mask and we will have hand sanitizer available when you make a visit. If coming for pastoral care or otherwise to visit with me, I will wear a mask as well.

Church Facility

  • Will reopen Monday, June 22, for limited uses, as defined below:
  • Sunday School classes and other small groups may use the facility with the permission of the pastor
  • Monique will be on a more aggressive cleaning schedule, coming in the day after a group uses a space to clean it
  • Handbells could meet but not the choir, nor the praise band, because of CDC regulations about group singing
  • Youth would meet, if parents are comfortable, but children’s activities will be restricted

Children’s Morning Out

  • Remains closed until August, following any action by Dodge County Schools
  • If you have children under the age of 5 and are seeking summer childcare, let me know (tgoshorn83@gmail.com)

Vacation Bible School

  • Scheduled for July 20-24
  • Will move to an online or hybrid format. Leigh and I are working to determine the exact nature of what this will look like.

Worship Services

  • There are several options for worship, including a socially distanced worship service that would be different in form (e.g. no singing), small groups and house church meetings, or simply remaining online until we can worship as we once did. All these are outlined on the survey
  • A copy of that survey is here: https://forms.gle/2TnFLMxJtdYnNoVM6. Please respond by Thursday, June 11 to make your voice heard

We continue to be the church during this pandemic as we reach out in service and grow together in our faith. I’m proud to be your pastor.

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