Serve Dodge | Giving Away Food

The basics:

  • If you would like to donate nonperishable food items, drop those off this Sunday, 3-5pm, at the kitchen at church
  • If you would like to donate money to purchase food instead, click here (be sure to note that the donation is for the food pantry)
  • If you are in need of food, come to kitchen at church Wednesday at 5pm
  • Stay in your car, whether dropping off or picking up; volunteers will come to you
  • Share this post!

More details:

In the past few weeks, the Dodge County Food Bank has struggled to keep up with demand. Our church has experienced a significant increase in calls asking about food donations. The number of people filing for unemployment is staggering. There’s a demonstrated need for additional food to be provided for our community.

So, as a church, we are going to respond to that need. On Wednesday, April 29 at 5pm, a skeleton crew of us will give out non-perishable food items to anyone who stops by until we run out. We will practice social distancing and ensure the health and safety of ourselves and those who stop by. If you come to pick up food, please stay in your car. A crew of volunteers will come pick it up from your car.

Here’s how you can help. On Sunday, April 26, from 3-5pm, drop off donations of non-perishable food times at the church. Anything from your pantry will do. This drop off window means that all donations sit for 72 hours before being distributed, ensuring that we do not inadvertently transmit the virus on surfaces. When you come, please stay in your car. A crew of volunteers will come pick it up from your car.

You can also help by helping spread the word. Tell folks you know who are facing food insecurity or simply tell your friends. They may know someone. Share on Facebook. Let folks know.

I’m grateful to the United Methodist Men who have donated funds to purchase non-perishable food items that will be included in food given out on that Wednesday.

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