Church Update | April 22, 2020

Often, I think of the verse from 1 John that says “love casts out fear.” In the midst of this time, love is the best way that we can cast out the fear that so easily pervades. Cultivating love during this time will not only cast out fear but will transform us into better disciples.

  • Thus, we Grow in Faith. Spend time with God daily; pray the Psalms, utilize the daily office prayer videos on Facebook, or any other habit that works for you.
  • Thus, we Serve Together. I hope you’ve made masks or sent cards to our food service workers or baked food for the third shift or given money toward sandwiches for the same. All of that is catalogued here:
  • Let us know how you’re doing! Report what you’re doing to Grow in Faith or Serve Together on our Facebook page
  • We will remain online for the next few weeks. Yesterday evening, our bishop, Lawson Bryan, announced that churches will remain closed through May 13, the scheduled end of the State of Emergency for Georgia.
    • Worship will remain online through at least May 10
    • May 1 Young Adult Fellowship is cancelled
    • May 7 Joy Fellowship is cancelled
    • All music rehearsals (praise band, choir, handbells) are cancelled until at least May 18
    • Holy Cow is cancelled for the remainder of the year
    • Youth will not meet until at least May 20
    • No small groups should meet in person (but zoom is encouraged!)
  • Wednesdays are online bible study! Join Ted on Facebook Live for “What it means to be Methodist” every Wednesday at 1pm.
  • Ted Talks have resumed; a great digest of all that’s happening at our church and how you can be supportive of our community during this time. We’ve moved to MailChimp, so your spam filter may catch those emails. They come out on Mondays so, if you’re not receiving them, check your spam folder

Together, no matter the quarantine, we are the hands and feet of Christ, bastions of love for our community.

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