Short Survey for Ted’s Doctoral Project

Several of you have noted to me how ironic it was that, the last Sunday we met together in person, I preached about spending more time with family. We all now have much more time to spend as a family, living into the guidance of that sermon whether we mean to or not.

On April 19, I’ll be picking back up with the sermon series on Sabbath, where we’re exploring what it means to live into God’s creation of purposeful rest in our lives by creating intentional space to rest. Right now, we have more of that by default. But when we go back to living our lives as usual, when the quarantine is over, how will things be different for you?

That will be the focus of the next two sermons in this series. It’s also the focus of this survey. Please take the short survey to help provide data for my doctoral project, which takes the place of a dissertation.

Survey here:

If you’d like to review previous sermons, here are links to them:
February 26, 2020
March 1, 2020
March 8, 2020

We might feel out of control right now but we have the opportunity to plan how we will retool our lives post-quarantine to focus on what really matters, to spend more time with family and on things that bring us joy, to put work in its proper place in our lives.

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