Announcing Facilities Updates

During this time of closure, we are undertaking some needed facilities updates. These would be disruptive to our life together if we were utilizing the facility so now is the right time to get them done. The council approved these projects this week. Our goal is to have them completed by mid-April.

First, the sanctuary will get much needed repair work done. The glass installed over the windows did help curb the moisture problem in the sanctuary, but did not resolve it. After meeting with Mitchell and Mark Studstill earlier this month about our remaining water issues in the sanctuary, Kenton met with Hyman Moxely on stripping down the wall from the chair rail to the ceiling where we have all the peeling and replacing it with a waterproof stucco material to eliminate the rest of the moisture problems along that wall. The council has hired him for this work.

Project time will be 2-4 weeks and includes stripping the wall all the way down to the brick and building the wall back up with a waterproof stucco material. The wall will then be painted to match the rest of the sanctuary.

Second, new signage will be installed around the exterior and interior of the facility. Doing so will make us more visitor-friendly and give the exterior of the church a more professional and modern appearance. The stakes in the ground for our rotating banners will be replaced by a permanent install, in the same location, that will also hold our rotating banners. The blue area in the image below is where those different banners would go. This signage will replace the existing brick sign at the fork in the road.

Next, new exterior directional signage and signage for some doors will go at various locations around our plant. Also, check out the top middle image. This will be a map of our facility that will be posted where we currently have bulletin boards at the entrance to the main building off the nursery and at the entrance in front of the Open Door Classroom.

Third, we will be replacing the flooring in the nursery with a new laminate that looks like hardwood flooring. It will cover all three rooms in the nursery area.

The first two projects are thanks to the generosity of the North Central District Board of Trustees who gave us a grant for these projects. The nursery flooring is thanks to the generosity of a family in the church.

I’m excited for these updates to the church. While I would prefer to not be closed, I’m glad we can make good use of this time to see these long-standing projects come to completion.

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