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During this time of practicing social distancing, it’s more important than ever to stay connected! You have probably heard many reminders that we’re social creatures from doctors and mental health professionals. It reminds me of God, in the Garden of Eden, saying, “’It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper as his partner.’” (Genesis 2:18) From the very beginning, as scripture records it, we were made to be social.

As a church, we have ramped up our social media presence to encourage us to stay connected to the church and, more importantly, to each other. My hat’s off to Lacey Eason for all the extra work she’s put in as our Social Media Coordinator to increase and maintain our presence.

Below are several tips for staying connected to each other:

Church website traffic February 11 through March 18
  1. Become a Shareholder! This means, when you see a post from our church on Facebook, hit the share button. The graphic to the right is traffic to this website. See the tallest blue bar? That’s the day the church cancellation notice went up online. It received 12 shares and resulted in almost 600 unique hits to the website. Most posts only receive two or three shares; thus, many fewer views to the website. The goal of sharing is to both increase our connection to each other and to share encouraging and hopeful messages into an arena often characterized by negativity and disinformation.
  2. Related to number 1, Use Social Media Actively. Many of us passively scroll through posts on social media, but engagement comes when we comment, when we post, when we share. Social Media has always been somewhat uncomfortable for me, but I have ramped up my use to stay connected (mostly because I miss y’all!). I restarted my Instagram account (follow me!), resurrected my blog to share about our family’s experiences with doing work and school from home, and am posting prayers and other posts regularly to the church’s Facebook page and this website. So post, comment, do things that will cause others to respond to you, and fulfill that need we all have to be connected.
  3. Meet Up Virtually with loved ones. If there are people you cannot visit, or it becomes difficult in the coming days to do so, you can meet up virtually. My doctoral program uses a service that has a free version called Zoom. Simply create an account and you’ll be able to video chat easily. FaceTime on Apple products also supports this.
  4. Schedule those Virtual Times. This is because scheduling makes it more likely that those meet-ups will happen.
  5. Call folks! Related to my post from Sunday evening, one of the best things we can do is call, text, or otherwise contact people we care about. Check in on loved ones, friends, and neighbors. This is especially true for any elderly folks you may know who would appreciate if you could run to the store for them or do other errands. When we are bored and isolated, fear easily creeps in. The best thing we can do to experience the love of God that casts out fear is to love others.

Connect with me! I’m not in my office at the church but I’m available just as usual: via text, email, phone, and now Instagram and my blog. Take care of yourselves and, together, we’ll be the virtual presence of Christ to our community.


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