Goals for 2020 | As celebrated Sunday, February 9

  • Facebook campaign to educate on what it means to be Methodist
    • Every Wednesday, a new post will come out with information
    • Like our Facebook page to keep up!
  • Acts of Piety
    • Pastoral Prayer Change
      • Topical with silence for silent prayer
      • Encourage personal prayer practice during worship
    • Ministry Moment in Worship
      • To promote ways to be involved at church, both in piety and service
      • To deepen understanding of the church’s ministry
    • Youth-Adult Mentoring Prayer Partners
      • An Adult will pair up with a student aged fourth grade and higher to pray for each other
    • Focus on prayer during winter and spring
      • To deepen prayer life of the church
    • Combined Sunday school during Lent
      • To teach a method of praying scripture
    • Lenten challenge to give up time to practice Sabbath
    • Establishment of book club for greater intellectual challenge
    • More to come through:
      • Preaching
      • Teaching
      • Bible Study Opportunities
  • Acts of Service
    • Facilitate meeting the needs of the community
      • Communicating more deeply to provide for the needs of church members, our prayer list, and community members who are facing challenging circumstances
      • Ministries Council will have private Facebook page and email group to communicate
    • Fifth Sunday Church-Wide Service Project
      • Instead of worship
      • Engage in serving the community together each fifth Sunday
    • Challenge: Church members to give at least one hour of their time this year to volunteer at church or in the community
      • Ministries Council will put together a list of ways people can serve within the next two weeks and offer those to the church
      • Each person on the council will come up with something to advertise
      • Will dovetail with the new Ministry Moment in Worship
  • Prepare to celebrate 150 years of Eastman First United Methodist Church in 2021

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