Church Communications Update

Good morning, everyone. 

We had a great response to the Communications Survey I sent out a few weeks ago! Thank you for your feedback. Based on the results of the survey, we are making a few adjustments to how we reach our membership and the community at large:

  • Ted will begin sending out a regular weekly email to let you know what’s going on in the life of the church.
  • We will be keeping an up-to-date Google calendar on the website that you can subscribe to.
  • The monthly newsletter will be emailed out at the beginning of each month in addition to being posted to the church website.

To reach the community, we need your help. Facebook is the best tool to reach beyond ourselves and posts are only visible to others if we interaction with them. Action steps you can take to help our community be better informed about our church (and to stay informed, too!):

  • “Like” our page on Facebook and invite your friends to “like” it as well.
  • “Share” church Facebook posts to your page regularly to help increase visibility and outreach.
  • Subscribe to the website and be notified via email when new website posts are created. (If you already do this and feel you are receiving too many emails, contact the church office and request to be removed from the list.)
  • Subscribe to the Google Calendar. Visit and click the + sign at the bottom right hand corner to add our calendar to your electronic calendar.
  • If you are not currently receiving emails from, send your email address there to be added to our distribution list.

Our primary tools for internal communication will continue to be weekly bulletins and regular emails. The website, Facebook, and banners will serve as external communication tools. Thank you again for your excellent feedback! 
Lacey EasonSocial Media Coordinator

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