Blue Christmas: a healing service

In the classic Christmas song, Bing Crosby sings, “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas, just like the ones I used to know. Where the tree tops glisten, and children listen, to hear sleigh bells in the snow.” On his buttery smooth voice continues, painting a nostalgic, Norman Rockwellesque, vision of Christmas as it’s “supposed to be.”

Except, many of us know too well that the Christmas season also brings with it feelings we would rightfully describe as blue. We might feel run down by the hectic pace of parties and shopping and obligations to fulfill. We might feel despairing over brokenness in our families. We might feel lonely because the loss of a loved one is acute this time of year. We might simply despair about the lack of peace around the world and at home while simultaneously hearing Jesus proclaimed as the Prince of Peace!

Crosby, as he rounds out his classic, sings, “May your days be merry and bright! And may all your Christmases be white.” We know, sometimes during this time of year, our days are not “merry and bright,” leaving our Christmases not white, but blue.

If that sounds like you or someone you know, we invite you to join us for the Blue Christmas service on Wednesday, December 11, at 6pm in the Sanctuary. This is a time to come for healing; to meet Christ just as we are, not as we think we’re supposed to be this time of year. During the service, there will be a series of contemporary readings. After a small prayer to conclude each, you’ll have the opportunity with all the others in the congregation to come forward and light a candle, a sign of how many of us struggle with the same unspoken challenges during this season. The service will conclude with communion and a chance to be anointed with oil for healing.

If there are times this season when all is not merry and bright, a reality that’s true for all of us, we hope you will join us on Wednesday, December 11, at 6pm. See Less

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