New Bible Study | Sabbath Practice

Are you too busy? Do you feel frazzled and stressed often? Does life get overwhelming with regularity?

If so, let me add something to your schedule. Yes, it’s something else to do, but it will teach you the spiritual practice of subtraction, which makes all the difference.

Starting on Sunday, September 8, I invite you to join a new bible study on Sabbath practice. It meets during children’s choir (5:30-6:30pm) in the Open Door Classroom, so if you’re bringing your child stay for a while and enjoy this time!

Sabbath practice is not the same thing as THE Sabbath. We will be studying what it means for our lives to purposefully pause during the week, to make a spiritual habit out of taking a break from our busy lives. For my family, the sabbath practice we have kept since 2012 has proven the most powerful, most beneficial, practice we have as a family.

Through an easy to read book and our shared conversation, we will get to discover what this can mean for you as well as the biblical roots of this ancient practice.

Come September 8 and let’s learn together! Email me at or text me if you plan to join in. Purchase the book linked below before September 8.

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