Instagram: Have you Followed Us?

We now have an Instagram account! Follow us by clicking here:

We have one because Faith Manning, a student at Covenant College and member of our church, has taken over management of our social media. While Dana and I have managed it for sometime, we know only so much. Faith has become an expert through her student work position managing Covenant’s accounts. In the past ten days, I hope you have noticed a significant increase in the number of posts. I certainly have!

And that’s important because our online presence is the primary way we let others know this church is alive, active, and ready for new folks to attend.

But we need your help to boost our online presence. There are four ways you can help

First, become a share holder! That means sharing our posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Second, interact with posts! If it asks a question, give a response. If it does not but you are excited, write that! The more interaction, the more Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will bolster our posts on the feeds of others.

Third, make sure you follow us on our various social media feeds. Those links are below.

Fourth, if you have photos of church events of the church itself that you wouldn’t mind being made public, please share those to this common Google folder. Faith will use those to create posts: 

Let those outside the church know how alive we are on the inside!

Links to social media:





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